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The Edmonton Aurora Residents Association would like to welcome you to the community. We are excited to see the community continue to develop and are pleased that so many people have chosen to make Aurora their place to call home. We look forward to sharing this great community with you.

Notice - March Update

The Edmonton Aurora Residents Association (EARA) is now being fully managed by the elected resident volunteers as a Board since we have transitioned away from Melcor as a management company. Being on the Board is not a paid position but we believe in striving to meet the commitments set out in the Mission and Vision Statements, and are willing to volunteer our time and efforts to do so. 

The contact information for the EARA has also changed. There is one point of contact, which is by email at “info@edmontonaurorahoa.com”. Please see the “Contact” section for our mailing address. All previous contacts, phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses are no longer valid.

In regards to the Resident Fees, we have not contracted a third party management company and have undertaken this process ourselves. The reasoning for this is that we believe we owe it to the community to try it ourselves in order to gain a better understanding of the work involved before we would consider a management company or request additional volunteers for the Board.

Resident Fees for 2020 will be $100 and sent out near March 15th, with a due date of May 1st. Interest for overdue accounts will begin on May 30th. In 2021, Resident Fees will resume being sent out for January 1st. 

We thank you for your patience during this time.

– The EARA Board

EARA Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide improved value to the Edmonton Aurora residents and owners through the development, enhancement and maintenance of the Edmonton Aurora area amenities.

EARA Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a community environment that has a consistently high aesthetic appeal throughout; to enhance the walkways, ponds and common spaces; to establish and maintain close integrated communication with our stakeholders; and to ensure that the Edmonton Aurora community remains a preferred choice for current owners and potential buyers.


The EARA fee is an encumbrance that is placed onto all registered land titles within Aurora. The fees are to be administered by the EARA Board of Directors to pay for costs associated with the development, enhancement and maintenance of our common area neighbourhood.

Fees for all registered titles within the Edmonton Aurora area are $100.00 per household. We will be waiving the processing fee for online / telephone payments, but there will be a $25 processing fee for cheques.

2020 Fees: Resident Fees for 2020 will be $100 and sent out near March 15th, with a due date of May 1st. Interest for overdue accounts will begin on May 30th.

If you have any questions in regards to these fees or are interested in more information about the EARA, please utilize the “Contact” section on this website.

New Owner Registration*

If you are a new owner in the Edmonton Aurora community and are not sure if you are registered, please utilize the “Contact” section of the website for confirmation or assistance in getting registered. This will ensure you will receive all applicable invoicing and information pertaining to the EARA.

*Failing to register will not negate your responsibility to pay the annual fees for your home, any applicable late fees, or legal expenses that may be incurred by your account.

Architectural Guideline Compliance*

Homeowners may access the Architectural Guidelines under the “Resident Info” section.

*Failing to inquire about your house’s compliance with the Architectural Guidelines will not negate your responsibility to ensure compliance.

Edmonton Aurora Fountains

Should you notice an issue with any of the fountains, please use the email in the “Contact” section to notify us.

Edmonton Aurora Area Map

The houses, condominiums and commercial establishments located within the map are within the EARA. Click Here on the map to expand. The map also identifies assets that the EARA is responsible for.


Edmonton Aurora 2019 AGM

The Edmonton Aurora AGM Was held on June 13th and it was great to meet with residents and answer questions. The association elected 4 resident Directors to represent The community. This will ensure the seamless transition of management from Melcor at the end of the 2019 Fiscal year. Congratulations to the following residents who were elected to the board

1. Chris Holtz
2. Paul Rosich
3. Paurush Sharma
4. Thu Parmar

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Naturalized Ponds

Did you know the pond in your community of Edmonton Aurora is designed to be naturalized? Please click on the following links for some interesting

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Community Cleanup

Maintenance crews have been busy cleaning the community and will continue to maintain the areas owned by the EARA for the season. Please refer to

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Resident Responsibilities

Residents are responsible to care for the boulevard, alley and driveway crossing adjacent to their property line. Please click on the attached for further info https://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/bylaws/boulevards.aspx

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