An architectural audit recently took place in the community of Aurora, during which it was identified that the majority of the fencing within the community is not in compliance with the fencing requirements outlined in the Aurora Architectural Guidelines.

The Aurora Architectural Guidelines were created by Melcor to help establish the character of the neighborhood. They were absolutely essential in ensuring excellence during all stages of the home building process and they continue to remain vital to you, the homeowner, as they outline how to preserve your investment and uphold the integrity of the community.


The guidelines state that “Fencing in Walker is to be coordinated in both design and colour and must be constructed according to the details attached.”  We recognize that purchasing a home can be an overwhelming experience and as a result, the community guidelines can easily be overlooked. For that reason, a second fencing audit will be performed in the weeks following June 30th to identify the homes that have not yet met the requirements outlined above.


To ensure you pass the inspection, please review your fence alongside the community guidelines to confirm it is consistent in style and colour with the above detail by June 30th, 2022. We are working with Cloverdale paints to secure a discount for the community colour of “Fawn” for the Aurora residents.

Please email  if you have any questions pertaining to any of the items above.