December 2020 Update

The EARA Board of Directors has elected to hire a management company for the upcoming year, more details will be available shortly.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held earlier this year, likely in the spring. The EARA fee notices will be mailed out at the same time as the AGM notices in order to save on mailing costs. We are anticipating this to happen in either February or March. That said we can also send all notices by email, so if you wish to receive them that way please contact us to update your information or update your account on Ivrnet if you have paid your fees through them before.

For the AGM, we will need volunteers to join the Board of Directors. This is a volunteer position that is not compensated, but the time required to fulfill the obligations should be much more reasonable now that we have contracted a management company. If anyone is interested please put your name forward when the AGM notices are mailed out. Instructions on how to do so will be included with the notice.

As a reminder, the only way to contact the Board is by the email found in the Contact section.

We do not have a physical office or dedicated phone number, since we are completely managed by volunteers at this time.

– The EARA Board of Directors

Summer Update

Notice – Summer Update

 We still have some people contacting Melcor, please ensure all requests / inquiries are sent to 

Please note: we do not have a physical office with a phone number, so email is the only form of communication that we use at this time.

The 2020 Fee Notices have been sent out and are now due. If you have not received your notice, please contact us at the above email address. If you are a new resident to the area, please fill out the form under the “Resident Info” section and contact us so we will be able to create your profile to process your payments.

For a list of assets that the EARA  is responsible for, please see the map link further down this page.

Generally speaking the City of Edmonton is responsible for maintaining all green spaces in the area, however we have contracted an outside company to perform extra grass cutting and weed management on an as needed basis. The exception is the pond area since the City of Edmonton has declared that a naturalized area, so no extra maintenance is done. All complaints of green spaces should be directed to the City of Edmonton.

The pond lights and fountains are fully operational, and are on a timer system. If you notice that they are not working please contact us at the above noted email address.

The entrance features have not had any issues this year, but if you notice anything please let us know.

The summer event has been cancelled due to Covid 19.

The Annual General Meeting is currently scheduled for late September, though that may change depending on restrictions due to Covid 19. More information will be available when the details have been finalized.

Finally, please keep in mind that the entire EARA is run by four volunteers who do not receive any compensation for their time and efforts. Some of the duties are; arranging the distribution / collection / processing of fees with various companies, managing the accounting system, arranging financial audits, contracting companies to maintain the green spaces / fountains / lights as needed, contracting companies to repair other assets (such as fences) as needed, organizing functions for the area, updating the website, monitoring and responding to emails from the “info” account, liaising with our contracted law office regarding the Alberta Societies Act / Restrictive Covenants / Encumbrances / Architectural Guidelines, maintaining the Architectural Committee, and organizing and attending meetings throughout the year. For a volunteer position this is a heavy workload and there may be a delay in responding to specific inquires. We ask that residents reference the website and documents associated to your land title as much as possible.


– The EARA Board of Directors

April Update

The Edmonton Aurora Residents Association (EARA) is now being fully managed by the elected resident volunteers as a Board since we have transitioned away from Melcor as a management company. Being on the Board is not a paid position but we believe in striving to meet the commitments set out in the Mission and Vision Statements, and are willing to volunteer our time and efforts to do so.

The contact information for the EARA has also changed. There is one point of contact, which is by email at “”. Please see the “Contact” section for our mailing address. All previous contacts, phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses are no longer valid.

We still have some people contacting Melcor, please ensure all requests / inquiries are sent to 

Please note: we do not have a physical office with a phone number, so email is the only form of communication that we use at this time.

In regards to the Resident Fees, we have not contracted a third party management company and have undertaken this process ourselves. The reasoning for this is that we believe we owe it to the community to try it ourselves in order to gain a better understanding of the work involved before we would consider a management company or request additional volunteers for the Board.

We are also continuing to look into ways to reduce fees in the future, such as moving to a completely online payment system.

Resident Fees notices for 2020 have been finalized. The fee for the fiscal year of January 1st, 2020 – December 31st, 2020, will be $100. We have started the process to have them physically mailed out, along with an accompanying email to those who already have an account with Ivrnet set up. The revised due date is now July 1st, 2020. The interest for overdue accounts will begin on August 1st, 2020. In 2021, Resident Fees will resume being sent out for January 1st.

We will be waiving the processing fee for online / telephone payments, but there will be a $25 processing fee for cheques.

We thank you for your patience during this time.

– The EARA Board of Director

Edmonton Aurora 2019 AGM

The Edmonton Aurora AGM was held on June 13th and it was great to meet with residents and answer questions. The association elected 4 Resident Directors to represent the community. This will ensure the seamless transition of management from Melcor at the end of the 2019 Fiscal year. Congratulations to the following residents who were elected to the Board

1. Chris Holtz
2. Paul Rosich
3. Paurush Sharma
4. Thu Parmar

Community Cleanup

Maintenance crews have been busy cleaning the community and will continue to maintain the areas owned by the EARA for the season. Please refer to the attached map for areas covered by the EARA. Please contact us if you have any concerns or would like to provide feedback on the maintenance of these areas. Empty lots and marketing areas are the developers responsibility. All other areas in the community are maintained by the City of Edmonton. Please contact the City directly to discuss their responsibilities.