The City of Edmonton is developing a city-wide plan for both naturalization and boulevard and open space tree planting. As a stakeholder, we want to understand your level of interest in this project and understand how we can best involve you and the communities you represent. We are reaching out to you before the start of our general public engagement, to launch in May 2023, to understand how you’d like to be engaged on this initiative.


What is the Naturalization, Reclamation and Restoration Plan (NRRP)?

The Naturalization, Reclamation and Restoration Plan will provide direction on processes, implementation, establishment practices, and evaluation and monitoring strategies to ensure the longevity of ecologically-restored areas throughout the city. The Plan is informed by a jurisdictional review of best practices and aims to be future-facing, supporting the City’s biodiversity goals and climate resilience using important urban forestry assets.


What is the Green Infrastructure Expansion Map?

The Green Infrastructure Expansion Map is a database of available city-owned property that is potentially suitable for naturalization and planting new boulevard and open space trees.  Locations will be identified through a spatial analysis using data sets that identify socio-economic factors, environmental factors and design and construction factors.


The City of Edmonton is delivering on the commitment made in the City Plan to be “Greener as we Grow” – driving climate resilience ahead and strengthening our natural systems. Edmonton’s City Plan sets a target to plant two million new trees as the population grows to two million people. The Urban Forest Asset Management Plan establishes a target of 20 per cent urban forest canopy coverage by 2071.


To meet these targets, the City of Edmonton is developing a long-term plan for both naturalization and boulevard and open space tree planting. Previously, during Phase 1 engagement in May 2022, Edmontonians were invited to take part in a city-wide survey to help us better understand how green spaces are used, as well the level of support for naturalization and boulevard and open space tree planting. A What We Heard Report summarizing the Phase 1 Engagement results can be found here.


Phase 2 Engagement

Phase 1 engagement allowed us to understand, at a high level, support for naturalization and boulevard and open space tree planting, and how green spaces are used. Phase 2 engagement will include the opportunity to provide feedback on maps of potential locations for naturalization and boulevard and open space tree planting over the next eight years.


While we will be inviting all Edmontonians to engage, as a representative of your community, we are eager to engage with you and ask for your support in reaching those living in your community.


For stakeholders that also implement or influence projects on public land, or have expertise in these areas, besides providing input on locations, there will be opportunities to provide feedback on the City’s approach for naturalization and boulevard and open space tree planting.


Stakeholder engagement opportunities

The following opportunities are available for stakeholders who are interested in participating:


Info package – Stakeholder groups and organizations will be able to share the content within their networks and promote public engagement activities. The package will include digital materials that can be printed, emailed, posted on social media and added to e-newsletters.

Multi-stakeholder workshops – These facilitated workshops may be offered both online and in person. Multiple stakeholders will be invited to attend, participate in conversations and provide thoughts and feedback.

Presentation and discussion at your meeting – Stakeholders who have regularly scheduled board or committee meetings can request a member of our team to deliver a short presentation followed by a brief Q&A session and discussion. This option is subject to Project Team availability and requests will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stakeholder survey – For those who are unable to attend a workshop or presentation but would like to provide feedback on behalf of their group or organization.


Scheduling of stakeholder workshops and event attendance will be dependent on stakeholder interest and project team availability.


How Can You Be Involved?

We would like to hear from you! If you are interested in selecting one or more of the above stakeholder engagement opportunities, or if you want to be added to our email list to receive public engagement updates for this project, please fill out this Google form. If you have difficulty with the Google form, please complete the attached PDF, scan and send it back to us. Or simply respond to the questions by replying to this email.


If you have questions, please email the Project Team at:


Thank you for your time.

Visit for public engagement and project updates.